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Law Firms for Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits

Medical Device Litigation Attorneys

Howard & Associates has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for clients who have been injured by negligent corporations. Our founder, Timothy Howard, has represented clients in some of the largest and most complex legal cases in American history including litigation involving massive tobacco companies, soft drink companies, medical device manufacturers and auto companies. He has appeared countless times on CNN, PBS and has been quoted and interviewed innumerable times by the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and other national and international media outlets.

Many of the law firms allied with Howard & Associates, including the Pelham Law Firm, focus exclusively on defective medical device litigation, lawsuits related to pharmaceutical defects and other complex areas of injury law. Randy Pelham is a personal injury attorney with over two decades of experience. Mr. Pelham has devoted his life to protecting the public first as a police officer and now as a personal injury attorney committed to holding wrongdoers accountable for the pain they cause.

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If you have been injured as the result of a faulty medical device including transvaginal mesh, call Howard & Associates and the Pelham Law Firm for answers to your questions, guidance through legal challenges and access to resources needed to fight large corporations.
Howard & Associates is one of the most successful law firms in the nation and works directly with other powerful and highly successful law firms like the Pelham Law Firm. We help victims achieve justice and compensation after catastrophe caused by someone else’s negligent, irresponsible or illegal behavior. Howard & Associates and allied law firms are dedicated to protecting the public, assuring justice is done and holding negligent parties responsible for harm they cause. Each law firm at Howard & Associates is strong but together we are more than formidable.

We are currently accepting clients who have been injured as a result of a transvaginal mesh surgical procedure. Tens of thousands of women have endured serious uterine and bladder injuries and other complications because of defective transvaginal mesh. Call Howard & Associates and the Pelham Law Firm at for the legal guidance and aggressive representation you need to file a lawsuit against the manufacturers of transvaginal mesh:

  • American Medical Systems
  • Bard
  • Boston Scientific
  • Johnson & Johnson

If you are interested in pursuing compensation for your injuries against any medical device manufacturer including those listed above, contact Howard & Associates and the Pelham Law Firm at for a free consultation and case analysis. We will pursue maximum compensation on your behalf.

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We are a group of lawyers, law firms, researchers and public safety advocates focused on holding corporations accountable for the harm they cause. In many cases, we are fighting on the side of individuals and large groups who have been wronged by corporate behavior. However, our overreaching goal is to force large corporations, including medical device manufacturers, to make safety a priority. Many of these companies make billions of dollars a year. Too often they prioritize profit at the expense of safety. They also try their best to avoid paying on legitimate claims or they offer settlements that are far from adequate. We won’t let them get away with this.

Howard & Associates’ founder is Professor Timothy Howard. He is an experienced trial attorney who holds a PhD in Law & Policy from Northeastern University. Professor Howard is a former faculty member and visiting scholar at Boston University and is a highly sought-after consultant, public safety advocate and lawyer for victims of catastrophic injury. He founded Howard & Associates to fight for the rights of the injured and to hold the wealthiest, most powerful and most influential companies accountable to the public. He allies himself with other strong advocates of public safety like the Pelham Law Firm. Call now to see how our team may be able to help you.